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 If you’ve entered the New Year with plans to start working out, take better care of your figure and get in shape, then you’re not alone! Lots of people make the same promises to themselves every year, but only a few stick to them. So, what should you do to not lose your New Year’s motivation? Here’s what the experts at CityFit had to say.

You’ve got a whole year ahead of you to change your habits.

“That’s enough time to completely revamp the way you look and your entire lifestyle. You could become a completely different person in just 12 months; finally in shape and enjoying life to the fullest” – said Michał Bukraba, a certified CityFit personal trainer. It sounds good, doesn’t it? However, in order to make sure that you’re successful, you should take a few steps into ensuring that your newfound motivation doesn’t melt away with the snow when spring comes around.

1. Set realistic goals

Losing 10 kg’s in a month, working out 7 times a week and going jogging in the morning – that isn’t a realistic plan. Excessive ambition doesn’t make for a good advisor. Losing weight fast isn’t healthy and it doesn’t give long-lasting effects. People who want to lose weight quickly often get discouraged too fast, and even if they did manage to shed a few kilos, they usually put them back on once they stop following their diet plan and go back to their old habits. The same goes for New Year’s resolutions that include “working out every day”. Setting such a high intensity will result in you running out of time and out of motivation.

“Establishing realistic goal and a proper action plan is what’s essential. It’s not only about maintaining motivation; it’s about our health. Getting in shape isn’t a sprint – it’s a marathon. For example, safe weight reduction is app. 0.5-1 kg per week for the average person. At this rate, you could lose up to 10 kg’s in two months’ time. But we have to stick to good habits – otherwise, all the work we put in will be for nothing any we’ll find ourselves back where we started. When it comes to frequency, I’d recommend 2 to 5 workouts per week, depending on our level of advancement. Keep recovery times in mind – they’re just as important as working out” – says the CityFit personal trainer.

2. Have a plan and friends

If you’ve already got a calendar for the New Year, then mark your workout days in advance. And stick to this plan. Make your workouts diverse so you don’t get bored – mix strength trainings with cardio, or try going to a few group workouts offered by your fitness club. Also, remember to keep track of your progress. Use a tape measure more often than your scales – this’ll really show you how your body’s changing.

Look around for people who might be interested in working out together with you. Your sister, a friend, or maybe your partner – it’s always easier when you aren’t alone. You’ll motivate each other and celebrate your successes together.

If you want fast results, then think about getting some professional help. Based on an interview on the state of your health and on your lifestyle, a personal trainer will help you set realistic goals and create a training plan that will help you achieve these goals. A personal trainer will also teach you how to properly perform individual exercises, give diet tips and will help keep track of your progress. They’ll guide you through fulfilling your New Year’s resolution.

3. Visualize your results and reward yourself for the effort you put in

Imagine yourself on the day you achieve your workout goal. How you’d feel. How you’d look. Think about going shopping for an entire new wardrobe. Or going on vacation and feeling proud of your toned stomach. Doesn’t it sound good? Come back to these thoughts often. And look for inspiration in other people. Check out the social media profiles of sports influencers and remember, these people don’t have supernatural powers. They all started from where you’re starting now. They all had moments of doubt. But if they can do it, so can you!

Reward yourself for every little success: losing a few kg’s, dropping down a waist size, or going an entire month without skipping a single workout. Your reward should be something that’s just for you: a trip to the spa, going to see a movie, or buying yourself a something nice.

4. Take advantage of our special offer!

Take advantage of your newfound New Year’s motivation and CityFit’s special offer: 11 days of training completely free! A membership for 0 PLN is valid from January 2nd till January 12th in 13 of our clubs across Poland. Our clubs are open 24/7 and equipped with the best training equipment (including TechnoGym). You can train at our club from the age of 16 – individually or in group workouts.

“Try us out completely free. If you like working out at CityFit, then you’ll be able to buy a membership for the next 30 days for half the price, and you won’t have to sign any long-term contracts. It won’t be a never-ending gym membership that’ll keep you coming back – it’ll be your own motivation and the great workout conditions offered by CityFit that will help you stick to your resolutions this year and achieve your goals” – says Michał Bukraba.

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