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Do lata zostało kilka tygodni. Jeżeli czujesz, że po zimie twoja forma i sylwetka pozostawiają nieco do życzenia, pora na wdrożenie planu naprawczego. Polecamy 3 rodzaje treningów, które podkręcają metabolizm i świetnie spalają tłuszcz.

People who want to get in shape before the summer should perform cardio, HIIT and strength trainings. Each of these will help burn body fat, which directly results in a better figure. They can either stick to one type of exercise per training session or pick a combination of two of them. The key to success is consistency. Cardio workouts are especially recommended for beginners, while the two other types of trainings are for those with a little more experience. Work out at least 3 times a week and you’ll start seeing effects in just 3 weeks” – says CityFit certified personal trainer Michał Bukraba.

Cardio trainings are especially recommended for beginners. These types of trainings are based on maintaining moderate intensity exercises for longer periods of time. This helps boost your endurance, oxygenate your body, strengthens the heart, and – if performed several times per week – helps shed those unwanted pounds. The most popular forms of cardio training include: running (outdoors or on a treadmill), cycling (you can attend spinning classes at CityFit fitness club), roller skating or swimming.

HIIT trainings – high intensity interval training. It’s based on working out in intervals, i.e. exercising at different intensities. The exercises you do aren’t that important – what matters is that your change their intensity. Go from intense exercises to moderate ones (e.g. cardio) and back again. For example: 20 weighted squats (intense), 30 sit-ups (moderate), 20 weighted lunges (intense), a minute of cycling (moderate) and skipping (an active break). Repeat the whole cycle 5 times and only take a break after you’re all done.

HIIT trainings are great for speeding up your metabolism (for up to 48 hours after exercising). This is why HIIT is so effective when it comes to burning fat and people get results in short periods of time. Another advantage of HIIT is the time it takes to perform a workout – 15-30 minutes is all it takes. However, remember that HIIT trainings are for more experienced gym-goers; it’s best if beginners get help from a personal trainer who’ll oversee their workouts and track their performance.

Strength trainings. For men, strength trainings are a fairly obvious choice, but women often choose not to work out with higher weights out of fear of achieving excessive muscle growth. Few know that it’s these types of trainings that give fantastic results when it comes to toning your body and losing weight! Strength training can be can done on gym machines or with training equipment such as kettlebells, barbells and free weights. The essence of strength trainings is to perform a small number of reps during each exercise (3-8 reps for 5-7 series) with a heavy weight. Strength trainings are recommended for more advanced gym-goers. Fitness beginners should ask a personal trainer for help – they’ll help you choose proper weights and ensure that you maintain correct body positions when performing each exercise.

“Training with the help of a personal trainer is the best way to quickly achieve your desired results. Not everyone can afford a personal trainer on a regular basis, but sometimes a single session can be enough to establish your baseline fitness level, set a few workout goals and plan your trainings accordingly. Every last Thursday of the month, CityFit offers its members free consultations with a personal trainer” – says Michał Bukraba.

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