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Strength training is usually associated with exercises that focus on improving strength and gaining muscle mass, which is exactly why most woman decide against it. They’re afraid of having a “masculine” physique and losing the “softness” of the female body. However, the truth is that building muscle mass isn’t an easy thing to do. Apart from proper training, both a suitable diet and appropriate regeneration are important factors necessary for gaining muscle.

For women, muscle tissue growth is especially difficult. In men, testosterone has a powerful anabolic effect boosting muscle growth and lowering fat tissue levels, which means that the male body is exceptionally well prepared for building strength and gaining muscle. The female body, however, produces estrogen, responsible for the growth and development of female sexual characteristics. Estrogen shows an extremely weak anabolic effect on muscle growth. It also promotes fat storage and water retention in the body. Due to high levels of estrogen and very low levels of testosterone (about one-hundredth of the amount found in male body), it’s extremely difficult for women to naturally build strong and large muscles. Female bodybuilders we see competing in bodybuilding contests take anabolic substances that increase testosterone levels.

Strength training comprises of weight exercises. Due to its intensity, volume and load, it’s classified as anaerobic training. Strength exercises promote muscle growth, increase fat burning, and help maintain/gain muscle mass.

You can build strength with your own bodyweight, using weight machines or free weights. Your training plan can also combine all three forms of exercise.

Strength training has many advantages. First of all, it helps burn fat, which is what woman typically care about most. This is due to the fact that every additional kilogram of muscle speeds up your metabolism by 15-20 percent!

Strength training boosts your heart health by protecting it from the damaging effects of everyday stress.

Strength training improves your mental well-being. The endorphins released during exercise have a positive effect on your mood. They increase your happiness and overall satisfaction with life. Plus, improved physical appearance boosts your self-confidence, resulting in better contact with your surroundings.

Strength training helps you keep your bones and joints healthy. With improved body stability, the risk of injury decreases.

Strength exercises provide your body with larger amounts of oxygen, which in turn leads to increased internal pressure that helps maintain good bowel movements.

As you can see, strength training has many advantages other than the most obvious one – an improved physique. Suitable strength training programs will help you achieve your dream body and maintain good overall health. Every woman with the means to do so should try this form of training. Regardless of age, weight or previous training experience – strength training is beneficial for each and every one of us.

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