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Abs and Glutes Attack

Attack your abs, hips and thighs with this effective workout!  If your goal is to flatten your stomach, tone your thighs and sculpt your buttocks, then these classes are for you!

Abs, Buttocks and Thighs

An effective workout designed to strengthen the abs, buttocks and thighs.

ABT (Abs, Buttocks and Thighs)

A strengthening and shaping workout focused on problematic areas. It helps flatten the stomach, tighten your butt and tone your thighs, strengthening the lower muscle groups.

Active Body

Stretching your muscles is not only a good way to relieve stress, but also an effective method for toning your body. These classes are especially recommended for people who spend most of their day sitting-down and have difficulties in losing excess weight.

Bang in the City

This perfect combination of fat burning interval exercises will give you a BANGING workout!