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We are activating all passes

The opening of the clubs means that all passes will be automatically activated. Your pass will return to the status you have given to it (active or frozen) and your payment cycle will be adjusted by the period of the lack of access to the club. Everything will be done automatically and no additional action on your part is required.

You receive an eco-gift

Can your workout be more eco-friendly?Yes, it can!Reduce drinking water from disposable plastic bottles and use our spring with filtered water. As an incentive, you will receive from us a water bottle – you can collect it from the club’s staff. Do not wait, the number of products to distribute is limited and this offer is valid on the “first come first served” basis.

You are starting to return to form with us

And we will support you in it! Therefore, in the first week after opening, we are inviting you to have your body composition analysed. The measurement device will be available in the club – with no additional fees and registration. We also have new IntroFit workout plans for you. We will also take care of people who return to form after Covid-19 disease.

You can work out safely

The opening will take place in full sanitary regime. We have taken care of everything. You should remember to keep your distance, disinfect your equipment and wear a mask before and after your workout (locker room, corridor, etc.). Details can be found here: