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The New Year is approaching. As usual, most of us will solemnly promise ourselves to lose weight and start working out. Nothing easier, just buy a pass to a fitness club. And this is where… the concerns begin.

“I don’t know how to use the equipment”, “I don’t know how to exercise properly”, “I don’t know how to behave”, “I don’t look well” – sounds familiar? You don’t even know how much! As many as 6 out of 10 active gym users were worried about being judged negatively on their first visit to the gym, according to a survey* by 24-hour fitness club chain CityFit.

Was this fear necessary? Respondents to the survey quickly found out that it was not! As many as 95% of CityFit club members say that no one in the club has ever said anything negative about their appearance or condition. 92% also declared that no one in the club has ever criticised their training skills or knowledge of how to use the equipment or behave in a gym. On the contrary: 6 out of 10 of those surveyed experienced a situation in which someone from other gym users provided them with support (helped to set up equipment, gave training tips, helped them find their way in the club). 75% also noticed that newcomers are actively supported by the club staff.

We support seniors and size+ people the most

And how do regulars feel about people who are just starting out in a fitness club? The CityFit survey shows that they are positive about beginners – after all, they themselves remember their beginnings. When asked “What is your attitude to people in the club who are clearly just starting out on their training adventure?” 50% of club members answered positive – it is great that they are trying, 33% support them wholeheartedly, 18% say they are indifferent. The answers “they make me laugh” and “they annoy me” did not even get 0.5% of the votes!

Newcomers, the sight of whom in a club evokes particularly positive emotions, are seniors (56% of answers) and size+ persons (45% of answers). It is these groups that CityFit club members support most strongly.

The club as a second home

Respondents were also asked what they would say to a person who was considering coming to the club but was worried about whether they would cope and be well received. Here there was a veritable avalanche of comments and words of support, for example:

  • “That she should not be afraid, because there is really nothing to be afraid of. Zero negativity, zero judgement. All pluses and great help from the staff.”
  • “Give yourself a chance to change something in your life. If you need help, ask – I’m sure someone will be able to help you.”
  • “After the first visit the stress passes and at each subsequent training you already feel at ease and look forward to the next one.”
  • “At the gym, we’re a community that helps each other.”
  • “After every workout you will be charged with positive emotions and you will come back here with a smile on your face.”
  • “CityFit is a big family, no matter what size your body is, you will find a soulmate to talk to and train with. Don’t be afraid of the ‘best’ ones. They are always happy to help, give valuable tips, you just need to ask.”
  • “At the gym, everyone does their own workout. No one judges anyone.”
  • “Although I had concerns at first too, after a while walking into the gym feels like a second home.”
  • “You will love it! Both the training and the people you meet here! We look forward to seeing you!”

Love Yourself – tailor-made classes

Club members also advise people who feel particularly insecure to start under the supervision of a personal trainer or instructor – in organised group classes. And the latter have just appeared in a special edition.

Since December CityFit has introduced Love Yourself classes – created in cooperation with plus size people – for plus size people, but not only! These classes are for everyone who starts training and wants to learn about their body to love it even more. How do they differ from the others? Above all, the pace and intensity of exercise is adapted to the capabilities of people who have not exercised before. The club has also taken care of qualified staff and an atmosphere of mutual support and respect.

The ambassador of the classes is Kinga Zawodnik – TV presenter, who in her programmes on TVN Style proved that everyone, regardless of their size, can overcome their limitations and do what they dream about. More information about this training can be found on the website

So, see you at training?

CityFit is a Polish chain of innovative fitness clubs open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Its mission is to offer its club members full comfort of training at an attractive price and in a friendly atmosphere. Each CityFit club is a community that brings together people of different ages, views and training experience – in line with the brand slogan “You Fit Here”.  As many as 96% of customers think that CityFit clubs are a good place to start their adventure with training. 

* The survey was conducted on a sample of 791 CityFit club members in November 2021

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