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Małgorzata Roszak-Sygocka has become a new marketing director of CityFit. The Polish network of fitness clubs is undergoing a dynamic expansion.

Małgorzata Roszak-Sygocka has been involved in marketing for 15 years. So far, she has cooperated i.a. with SodexoBenefits, Sprintair,, Axel Springer and TVN brands. She is experienced in the creation and execution of online and offline marketing strategies as well as implementation of digital transformation and lead generation processes in companies. In her activities, she puts great emphasis on performance marketing.

CityFit is a Polish network of innovative fitness clubs, open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Its mission is to provide club members with full comfort at an attractive price and without having to sign long-term contracts. CityFit clubs are mainly located in city centres, within shopping centres and office buildings in 12 Polish cities. The network currently has 15 locations in 12 cities of Poland and is currently undergoing dynamic development. OK System users will be able to use the network offer soon.

As a marketing director of CityFit, Małgorzata Roszak-Sygocka has replaced Piotr Szczepanek.

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