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In connection with the introduction of the PSD2 Directive of the European Union, related to two-factor authentication of payment card transactions – 3D Secure, there are problems with the registration of cards. Problems may also apply to the processing of payments, even if everything has been working well so far.

What is important, the fact that the same payment card works for payments in other operators, does not mean that the problem lies elsewhere. Operators with their registered offices outside the European Community (e.g. popular streaming services) are not obliged to comply with the directive introducing additional protections.

What to do:

If you are a new customer and have problems with adding your card to the option of periodical payment, contact your bank. Ask for activating 3D secure two-factor authentication so as to register a card for the purposes of periodical debiting. The consultant should also tell you how this authorization looks in your bank.

If you’ve been with us for a while but have trouble making your payment, please follow the steps below:

  1. Contact your bank. Ask for activating 3D secure two-factor authentication so as to make periodical debiting of the card possible. The consultant should also tell you if your bank requires you to carry out additional activities e.g. a need to re-register your card in the CityFit Customer Zone.
  2. Make sure that your card has not expired. If it is necessary to register a new card, you can do so following your consultation with the bank.
  3. If three attempts to debit your card proved unsuccessful, the “Pay now” option will become available in your Customer Zone – we will launch a possibility for you to pay for your membership via Płatności24 on a one-off basis.