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Are you starting your adventure with a fitness club? Do it in a professional way!

Introfit stands for comprehensive workout plans prepared by CityFit experts. Thanks to them, you will achieve your workout goals faster and safer, and the exercise results will stay with you much longer.

Where to start from?

Initially, answer the question “What goal do I want to achieve?”. Next, select an IntroFit appropriate for that task. Remember also about a balanced diet. When you ensure regular exercises and appropriate eating habits, your goals will be achieved quickly and safely for your health.

Muscle Mass / Body-building
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Body-building - body building is a perfect proposal for anyone wishing to gain more muscle mass, keeping a proportional figure.
Weight loss - Weight loss is a workout dedicated to people who plan to lose excess fat safely for their health without losing their muscle mass.
Reduction / Weight loss
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Fitness / Full body workout
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Full body workout - full body workout stands for exercises improving workout capacity and body fitness in everyday life.
Endurance - endurance is a fast workout improving your workout capacity. A series of many repetitions increases your muscle efficiency significantly.
Endurance / Endurance
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Anti-Stress / HIIT
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HIIT - HIIT is a perfect solution for busy people living a stressful life. 

Remember that to be fully successful you need to follow balanced diet rules. Do not forget also about a good warm-up before the workout and remember to stretch your muscles after the exercises.