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Why it’s worth it to work for us

Grow with us!

In a short time we have created a brand that we are proud of. We work on strengthening its position on the market, open new clubs, enter new markets and areas of activity. Thanks to that not only the company develops, but also its employees.

Strengthen your competences and get promoted!

Internal and external training programmes, co-financing of english language learning – these are just some of the benefits. From the very beginning you will get a lot of responsibility and trust. This will allow you to learn many new things in a short period of time and – with a little commitment – you have a chance for a quick promotion.

Realize your own ideas!

We are a company that listens to and willingly implements the ideas of its employees. Every good idea thrown in the kitchen for coffee has a chance to be realized – usually with the participation of the author himself. Thanks to this you have a real influence on what is happening and you decide in which direction your company is developing.

Be in shape!

Where will it be easier than with us? In cityfit you have one step for the training and a free pass. To this we add medical care.

Enjoy discounts and rebates!

Supplements, nutrients, accessories, training equipment? All this you can buy in our online shop with a special discount for employees. You can also count on special occasions with our partners.

Adjust your working time to yourself!

Studies, family, hobbies? Work in such a way that you have time for other important matters as well! In the clubs you will be able to work shifts and in the head office you will be able to work flexible working hours.

At the club

Cityfit has fitness clubs located throughout Poland. You will find us in large and medium cities – in shopping malls, office buildings and in city centers. The team in each club includes: manager, deputy manager and gym assistants. We also work with personal trainers and fitness instructors.

  • Club Manager / Deputy Club Manager
  • Fitness Instructor
  • Gym Assistant (watch movie)

current offers
Senior Regional Manager
Regional Manager
Franchise Manager
Marek Pera
Regional Manager
Lena Michałowska
Regional Manager
Katarzyna Mościbrodzka
Regional Manager
Wiktoria Winiarska
At headquarters

The company’s headquarters is located in the very centre of Warsaw – at the 27 Jana Pawła II Avenue.
Here all the most important decisions are made, hence the creative ideas, implementations and improvements, here we watch over the company’s finances and plan its further development.
All departments are in constant contact with the clubs – we take care of their efficient functioning, listen to suggestions and support their activities.

current offers
Operations Department
Head of department:
Ewa Morawska
What do we do?
We offer a wide range of challenges ... from functional club design, equipment selection, order processing, coordination of club opening processes to club and team management, implementation of improvements, support in solving current problems or fault process management.
Who are we looking for?
Open-minded people who are not afraid of challenges, have a divisibility of attention, are involved, like contact with people and have a sense of mission. Experience in process management, ease of working with data, ability to establish business relations and procedures  A bug of perfection of action is welcome.
Corporate Sales Manager
Head of B2B Sales:
Grzegorz Gajewski
What are our duties?
B2B, or contacts with business Customers. Sales is the two sides of a coin. On the one hand, we are responsible for all business contacts. We are looking for possibilities to develop our products, implementing them at the Customer’s, looking for queries, responding to them and completing them. We work with people. On the other hand, this is about working with numbers and analytical skills, i.e. target, invoice and settlement, those are the mandatory sales mottoes.
Who are we looking for?
We are looking for anyone who likes to work with people, has communicative skills, but is also able to work with numbers. Sale stands also for consistent actions which is why open-minded and perseverant people are always welcome in the sales area.
Customer Service Department
Head of department:
Łukasz Sałasiński
What skills will be useful?
We are responsible for the current service of emails and phones from club members. We work with documents such as direct debits and biometric approvals. We are often the customer's first contact with the CityFit brand, which means that precisely and clearly defined offer and benefits of being a club member is the basis of our activity.
What skills will be useful?
Patience, conscientiousness, open-mindedness, smile and understanding are particularly useful. Club members turn to us with many questions, so flexibility and the ability to quickly solve the matter are among the most important.
Expansion Department
Senior Expansion Manager:
Łukasz Warszewski
What do we do?
We are constantly looking for the most optimal venues for our clubs, we carry out detailed financial and geospatial analyzes and we negotiate lease agreements.
Who are we looking for?
People with open heads who can work under time pressure and on several projects at the same time. Negotiation and / or analytical skills are key. We will also appreciate experience and contacts in the real estate industry as well as knowledge of legal regulations regarding our area.
Financial and accounting department
Head of department:
Monika Bresińska
What do we do?
We settle and save in the book all transactions related to the functioning of clubs. And this even before the club opens. We work with all departments to keep documents and transactions in order. The balance must always agree.
What skills will be useful?
Positive energy, willingness to work, initiative, communication skills, ability to cope with non-standard situations.
Technical Department
Project Manager:
Daria Cupryjak
What do we do?
The club is in our hands from the design stage, through the selection of the contractor, supervision over the adaptation and finishing works, to the technical acceptance. We do not abandon it even after opening, taking care of its good technical condition all the time.
Who are we looking for?
If you have the ability to read project documentation, have experience in implementing similar projects and want to work on the investor's side, I invite you to our team. Try your hand at arranging multi-branch jigsaw puzzles into a coherent whole.
Legal and administrative department
Head of department:
Dagmara Kupis-Baran
What do we do?
Administrative department is a wide range of activities, from organizing the work of the whole office to legal matters. Our team consists of 5 people and the scope of duties is for each individual.
Who are we looking for?
During the recruitment process we are looking for ambitious and organized people who want to acquire new knowledge and skills. If you have this "power", boldly, come to us, on the recruitment interview "talk" and the job in "admin" you soon have 🙂
Marketing Department
Head of department:
Małgorzata Kulczycka
What do we do?
We carry out all advertising and image activities of CityFit - both on-line and off-line. We take care of the graphic and substantive quality of projects, organize events, create content, social media, good cooperation with media, influencers and partners, organize competitions, special actions and cross-promotions. We actively support sales and make sure that club members have many reasons to stay in CityFit for as long as possible.
Who are we looking for?
People who are not afraid of challenges, want to build and strengthen the CityFit brand. Full of energy and commitment. Multi-tasking, flexibility, open head are features that are very useful in marketing. And a sense of humour is necessary 🙂