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24/7 access

Come to have your workout whenever you feel like doing it. Our clubs are open all day long 7 days a week, including all Sundays and bank holidays.

Mobile App

Work out and save with our loyalty programme. Reservation of classes, selection of a trainer and information from the club – all in your phone.

Membership to match your preferences

A 24H access, a monthly pass with no long-term agreement, 6-month pass  or perhaps a 12-month pass payable in advance? You choose and you manage your membership online. Passes:

Fitness classes

We have a great choice of them, starting from yoga, through Zumba, to martial arts. Choose your favourite ones, enroll conveniently online and draw your energy from the group power.

Abundance of good quality equipment

In each of our clubs you will find more than 300 devices and accessories by proven manufactures. For you we test and try machines which you will not find anywhere else.

Workout and dietary plans

Are you a newbie? We have a workout plan for you! And we add comprehensive dietary plans prepared by the best dietitians.

Quick training with no obligations. Entrance 24H.

In our clubs you do not wait for some free equipment. Thanks to the ergonomic layout of machines, you can complete your workout without any needless breaks.
Personal workout
Personal workout
Achieve fast result in a short time under the supervision of the best specialists.
Group classes
Group classes
An offer for anyone, great coaches and inimitable atmosphere! Choose classes for yourself and enroll online.
Fitness clubs for everyone

We see immense potential in anyone just starting their adventure with sport. We believe you can achieve even the most ambitious goals, given the appropriate motivation and excellent workout conditions, no matter what level you are starting from. This is the motto we followed creating CityFit.
We are different but we share the passion for what we do. We want to share our love for sports with you and help you push the boundaries. We adapt to your urban lifestyle, follow you and ensure optimum workout conditions. Your success is also ours.

Our Club Members create a unique atmosphere which you will easily get. You may feel comfortable here no matter who you are, what you look like or at what stage of your struggle for an excellent figure you are. CityFit is people, CityFit is us!

Sport is a recipe for happiness

How can you deal with stress? Does physical activity help maintain mental health? How has the Covid-19 pandemic affected our well-being? About all this in an interview with Paulina Mikołajczyk, psychologist of the Damian Medical Center.