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Personal trainer

Earn more

Give your business some momentum! Hold your training sessions at a conveniently located club, guaranteeing a stable source of potential clients and professional training facilities.

We will adapt to your needs: you decide which collaboration form is the best fit for you.

You decide

Trainer’s pass

Buy a trainer’s pass, do what you love and make money doing it. No strings attached.

Partnered personal trainer

Partner up with us! You don’t have to give up your freelance activity. You give us your time and in return we will help you get more clients.

Trainer’s pass

You’re free to do your own thing

Your pass price is guaranteed (for as long as you keep renewing your membership)

You can hold training sessions in all our clubs (this option carries an additional charge)

You can train with your clients 24/7

You gain access to professional training facilities

You don’t have to sign any long-term contracts

Partnered personal trainer

Your pass is substantially discounted

Nearly all the money paid for a training session goes in your pocket – our fees are very low

We promote your services through our marketing campaigns

We share your profile, training offer and schedule on our website

You get access to the trainers’ room, a comfortable environment where you can measure body composition and hold consultations with your clients