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Enter the club with the CityFit app only

You will need the CityFit app to enter the club. It is where you will generate a QR code, which, after scanning, opens the entry portals in the club. Thanks to this, you can come and work out at any time of the day or night.

3 steps to good physical condition

1. Set up a CityFit account

Register here or in the CityFit app (you do it only once – remember to use the same phone number which you used when registering with PZU).

2. Use the PZU app

During each visit, first confirm your will to enter in the MojePZU app.

You can do this by pressing the “Generate Code” button next to the CityFit club profile you are entering. A barcode will appear on the screen, which means that your entry has been marked in the PZU system.

Note! You are not scanning this code at CityFit entry portals.

3. Use a QR code from the CityFit app

Now, open the CityFit app and scan the QR code generated in it using the reader at the entry portal. The portal will open automatically and that is all, we invite you to a workout!

First visit

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We are happy that you are here. Are you looking for information about us? We will tell you everything in a while.

CityFit is not only a network of fitness clubs. It is a place where you achieve your goals, climb to the heights of your skills, meet people and spend your free time effectively.

Currently, the network has as many as 22 clubs across Poland and this number is growing. We want to reach as many Poles as possible so as to share our passion for a healthy lifestyle with them!

You can feel freely, no matter who you are, how you look, or at what stage of working on your shape you are.

You get everything

Access to all clubs 24/7
Free water to drink during a workout
Diet and training plans for free
Lots of good equipment
Free fitness classes