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Train safely

Together, let’s make sure that training in CityFit is safe.

We are ready!

  • We completed maintenance, renovations, added new equipment to the zones and implemented solutions to increase safety during training.
  • The interiors and equipment in our clubs underwent thorough disinfection.
  • We adhere to guidelines on the maximum number of people able to train at the same time. Our system enables on-going tracking of the number of individuals currently in the club. Since our clubs are some of the largest on the market, we hope that finding a place to train will not be difficult.  Information about the club’s current occupancy will be displayed on the screen of the kiosk in the lobby.
  • To make it easier for you to maintain a safe distance, we made some changes to the layout of equipment and made some equipment unavailable for the time being.
  • At every zone, you’ll find stations with tools for self sanitizing the equipment. They can also be found by the entrance to the club and in the locker rooms.
  • A cleaning service will be working continuously towards ensuring cleanliness and hygiene in the club.
  • Antibacterial gels are available in the vending machines.
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The rules of safe training

You do not need to wear a mask during exercises

According to the regulation of the government administration, club members are not required to cover their mouths and nose during exercises, on condition that social distance is maintained. Remember to wear  mask, when you are not doing exercises. The club team will, however, wear masks, and we recommend the same to personal trainers.

Give up your training session if you feel unwell

Safety is our common business. Act responsibly.

Enter with the CityFit application

We recommend that you enter the club in a contactless way, using the QR code generated from the CityFit application.

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Sanitize your hands when entering and leaving

We set up marked dispensers in the club.

Maximum number of people allowed in the fitness room

Follow the rules regarding the maximum number of people training in fitness rooms. You will find the information at the entrance to the room.

Do not rearrange the equipment

The equipment has been set up in accordance with safety rules and should remain in place at all times.

Disinfect the equipment after use

After finishing the exercise, wipe the machine using a liquid and a paper towel. Remember not to apply the disinfectant directly to the equipment. Spray it on paper.

Keep 2 metres apart

We’ve adapted the club to make it easier for you. That is why some devices and lockers in the locker rooms are temporarily unavailable.

Change your shoes

Train in sports footwear.

Carry your own towel

When exercising, always put the towel on the equipment so as to limit direct contact of your body with the surface of the device.

Do not drink from the tap, fill your bottle

Drinking fountains with filtered water are available. However, do not drink directly from them. Pour water for training into a bottle.


Free IntroFit training plans are now only available online. Download them to your phone and use in the club.

Got questions? Knock, I’ll come out to talk to you

Please do not enter the manager’s office. Our employee will come out to you and answer all your questions.

Take special care

If you are over 60 years old or have a chronic illness, consider deciding to use the club for the least popular hours.

See you soon!