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starting from just
Personal workout

Why is it worth it?

  • Are you starting your adventure with a gym and you do not know what to start from?
  • Are you using your workout plan longer than 3 months?
  • Have your workouts become boring and do not bring the intended results?
  • Are you looking for new inspirations or want to check your technique?

Our Personal Coaches will help you determine your goal, develop your workout plan, show you how to do the exercises properly and motivate you to exercise.

With us, you will push your boundaries
and achieve the intended results more quickly.

A workout matching your needs

Professional staff

We set and achieve the goals with you

You choose a Coach matching your requirements

Our Coaches have completed many additional courses and training sessions

opinie `

Krzysztof, Poznań Pestka


I lost 25 kg in 3 months, I feel better not only physically. I can see my figure changing every week. Thanks to changing my eating habits, my blood test results also improved. I wish everyone met a specialist who devotes their whole heart to their work, just like my coach does!

Zuzanna, Warsaw Rondo ONZ


The coach helped me combat my weaknesses, my lack of confidence in myself and my abilities. He made the workout become a part of my everyday life. I can recommend the coach to anyone who wants to start saying “from today, and not from tomorrow!

Marta, Warsaw Wola


Hard work during the workouts and my waist slimming. I can rely on comprehensive support outside the exercise room, motivation and healthy snack ideas. We have been in touch with my coach. What else should I desire? I give full 10/10.

Monika, Katowice


The coach offered help when I needed motivation and exercise changes. My workouts became more interesting, I discovered equipment in the gym which I did not know of (or I did not know how to use it).

Marta, Wrocław Wroclavia


The atmosphere during the workout is friendly and nice, with the retained professional approach to coaching. The coach knows how to encourage me to have regular workouts and push my own boundaries.