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Each and every one of us used them at least once. And that doesn’t surprise me at all. Their dedicated range of action is amazing! They are often used as a weight loss aid, they have the power to strengthen the body, improve the ability to learn, deal with stress, improve the condition of weak hair and nails, and help with aching joints. There are also supplements that help fill vitamin and mineral deficiencies and improve your libido. And everything’s available at the nearest sports store or pharmacy. And as many negative reviews, as there are, one thing’s for certain – they are safe.

In Poland, dietary supplements are approved by the Chief Sanitary Inspectorate. The same institution which allows the sale of all medicines, cosmetics, and other chemicals. I, personally, see this as a good thing, because I see how standards have increased over the past few years. Even, for example, the emphasis on the importance of reading recommendations on a product’s packaging. “Read the information inside or contact a qualified specialist…”. Everyone’s heard it on TV commercials.

On the other hand, it’s a massive industry with huge profits. The Polish market alone brings in revenues in the billions (!). And I don’t think of this with contempt, but with admiration. I’m not the only one who knows that this is the effect of smart advertising. The companies involved in the production and distribution of supplements use incredibly effective techniques to convince us to buy their products. They stimulate our imagination.

So, they’re commonly used, they’re safe… However, one question remains. Does everyone need to take supplements and do they guarantee the effects they advertise?

First of all, for supplements to be successful, they have to show some sort of nutritional or physiological effect. Secondly, remember that supplements are an addition to the process and not a “quick fix”. Thirdly, be smart. That means that you should read the flyer and the information inside. The most important thing that you should be asking yourself is have you done everything to make the supplement a necessary addition.

Let’s take a look at this example. We take caffeine pills because we need an energy boost. And last night we only got 4 hours sleep because: games, beer, tv… A good night’s sleep aides in your regeneration and guarantees a clarity of mind, better hair and nail condition, greater libido, proper digestion. How many supplements do you no longer need?

I have nothing against adding protein powder to your breakfast. It tastes delicious with oatmeal. I wouldn’t have it any other way. I always drink an isotonic after running. That’s how I replenish my micro-nutrients. Vitamin C is great for muscle inflammation (as a result of over-training). Everything can be tailored. And that’s how I’ll summarize my post. When it comes to supplements – I’m in. But not because an ad with a bodybuilder on the door of a supplement store convinced me, but because I’m aware of by body’s needs. If you know what your body needs, then you know what I’m talking about. If you do not have sufficient knowledge, get help from a specialist. I highly recommend our Accredited Trainers. You’ll find them in every CityFit gym. Talk to them. Ask them if you actually need to take a particular supplement and how to use it properly. You might even notice a financial benefit –  by investing in your own knowledge, you could end up saving some money ?

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