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Offer for companies

Offer for companies

Healthy business
For the employer

Extending the benefit package with fitness clubs operating 24/7

Possibility to create dedicated group classes for employees

Possibility to buy membership for the accompanying persons for the same price

Low (when compared to alternative fitness offers) benefit cost — guaranteed lower, fixed price of the Standard Membership cards

Possibility to resign and join any time with no extra fees

Guaranteed lower price, with no entry fee

For an employee

Access to clubs operating 24/7

All group classes for the membership fee

Fixed membership fee throughout the whole term of the agreement

Introductory classes for those starting their adventure with a fitness club

Premium equipment

Free filtered water for members

Unlimited number of accompanying persons for the same price without the need to hold an employee membership

Dedicated group classes for employees

  • Membership cards for employees for a promotional price
  • Personal workouts
  • Classes in the office
  • Metamorphoses
  • Fitness room rental
  • Support of corporate events
  • Advertising in clubs

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Grzegorz Gajewski

Head of B2B Sales

Available: PN-PT 9:00-17:00

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