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The CityFit fitness club chain launched a new mobile app. Besides solutions facilitating your visits to the clubs, it enables to participate in a loyalty scheme.

Using a CityFit mobile app club members can e.g. manage their membership and enroll in fitness classes or a personal workout. It enables also to buy extra products, e.g. Starter Pack or a charity donation. In the following stage, the app will be enriched with functions enabling to buy a membership.

An important app component is a gamification loyalty scheme FitFighters. Participating in sports challenges, club members get CityFitCoins, authorising them e.g. to discounts for their club memberships. At the same time, their accounts are enriched with new points for the attributes of strength, morale, strength and speed. Winning the appropriate number of points takes the user to a higher workout level. The level names refer to animals and they include the following: for women those are a Squirrel, a Gazelle, a Panther and for men a Hare, a Wild Boar and a Bull.
The tasks for the users were planned to encourage to exercise on the one hand and to build a community in the club on the other. The programme contains also a Member Get Member unit where the club members can transfer discounts and win bonuses for recommending CityFit to their friends.
The bonuses available in the app include e.g. CityFit gadgets, membership discounts, as well as discount vouchers for famous brand shops. The CityFit app is available in Google Play and App Store. In early September the brand introduced also a new version of the website at

Observing the user migration from computers to smartphones, we were obvious the next technology step should be creation of a mobile app. The app is based on four pillars, including a buying process, loyalty scheme, easier access to the club and management of the Customer Zone functionalities.
Every module will be developed simultaneously, to surprise the customers both with new products, and with the involving gamification components. We want to develop an application able to moderate the “club member journey” at various junctions with the CityFit brand, enriching their experience, building the workout awareness and supporting their consistency when striving their individual goals”, says Łukasz Gądek, CityFit Board Member.

CityFit is the largest Polish chain of fitness clubs open 24 h/7. Its mission is to offer comprehensive workout comfort to the club members for an affordable price.

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