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CityFit fitness club network has enriched its offer with medical care. The packages of medical examinations have been prepared for people who train. The partner of the new product is Medicover.


As part of the CityPak Zdrowie (Health) service, CityFit clubbers have two types of products at their disposal. The first one is a medical subscription covering a wide range of diagnostic tests, emergency assistance and consultations of medical specialist. The subscription is available with multipass CityFit entrance – with easy online purchase and fast activation of the service.


– By definition, “health” is definitely a broader concept than just a well-being, lack of disease or “athletic body”. When designing new CityFit products, we think of activating those who don’t do sports, providing solutions for those who actively practice sports and creating a complex offer whenever it is needed. What has been available so far to employees of large corporations will be available to CityFit customers at hand for an extremely competitive price. – says Łukasz Gądek, member of the CityFit board.


At the same time, CityFit members can purchase profiled packages of diagnostic tests. The “health screening” was prepared in cooperation with trainers and responds to the needs of physically active people. It is available in two versions: Basic Active for people starting their adventure with the gym or training with medium intensity and Extended Active for advanced people who train more intensively.


Until now, CityFit offered access to innovative and well-equipped clubs with exceptionally attractive conditions, and now thanks to the matrimony with Medicover, we introduce a unbeatable range of medical care for an affordable price. This is just the beginning of changes and opportunities that we are preparing for our club members in the coming months. – adds Łukasz Gądek.

The Medicover offer was created in response to the needs of various customer segments: those who want to have access to private medical care on a daily basis, as well as those who need to strengthen the effects of their trainings and implement them safely. Our proposal was prepared jointly with CityFit experts and Medicover doctors. We believe that cooperation with such a professional partner who simultaneously listens to the needs of theirs and potential clients will be fruitful and will help CityFit members to achieve their training goals and care for their health more effectively. – sums up Piotr Dreszer, Director of Marketing, Medicover.

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