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The fitness club chain CityFit has implemented yet another innovation. Along with launching the mobile app on the market the brand also decided to change its entrance control system – from fingerprint scan to QR code reading.  It is the first solution of this type on the fitness market in Poland.

The main objective of the implemented switch is time saving and convenience of the club members. Thanks to this new solution, the time needed to enter and leave the club will be considerably reduced. The registration process of a new member will be also simplified, which currently can be completely carried out online. The new solution also makes a business sense by optimising investments costs in new clubs.

In order to gain access to the club, a club member has to activate the one-off QR code generated in the CityFit mobile app. This application is free of charge and can be downloaded on the Google Play or the App Store. It also allows to sign for fitness clasess, personal training and to purchase additional products.  An important element of this application is the FitFighters loyalty program which is based on the idea of rivarly.

All innovation that we have implemented recently –  the new website, mobile app and the entrance via a QR code have the same goal – we want to maximally simplify access and taking advantage of our offer to our club members. We all have a fast-paced life und expect from the brands to be always available to us when we need them. That is why, CityFit clubs are open 24/7 and all processes related to the purchase and managing of the membership club goers can perform on the website or on the app – from anywhere and anytime whenever they choose to do so. – says Łukasz Gądek, Member of the CityFit Management Board.

The new access control system will be implemented on December, 2nd. For new members it is going to be a mandatory solution. In the transitional period, existing members will be given the choice between the QR code and the current system – the fingerprint scan. Should a phone battery go flat, members can use the charging terminals available at the entrance and inside the clubs.

CityFit is the biggest  fitness club chain in Poland which is open 24/7. Currently club members can use 23 clubs across 15 cities in Poland.  New opennings are being planned.

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