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The chain of CityFit fitness clubs launched the first stage of its campaign inspired by the brand’s new claim: “You Fit Here”. The multichannel promotional activities, designed in cooperation with GPD Agency advertising agency, are meant to go beyond the standard communication used by the fitness industry and offer inspiration for people who never worked out in a fitness club before to pursue physical activity.

According to Małgorzata Roszak-Sygocka, CityFit’s Marketing Director, the brand’s new “You Fit Here” claim is a clear message to its present and potential customers: “No matter who you are and what you love to do, we’ll be a great fit. CityFit clubs are not meant exclusively for athletes or people who seek very challenging and intense workouts. Our clubs are open to all people and their needs. Whether your goal for 2020 is to beat a personal record, lose a few kilos, or just unwind after work – with us your comfort is always guaranteed”.

CityFit’s new campaign is all about showing what’s natural. The club’s promotional materials don’t rely on showing perfectly sculpted physiques of posing fitness models. Instead, we show natural bodies and put emphasis on understanding and respect for the human body and its potential blemishes. It’s that authenticity, combined with our non-intrusive slogans, which encourages people to join a club and buy one of two available passes – a standard pass or an all-inclusive pass with a membership term of one year.

The first stage of the campaign, entitled “Resolution Made”, refers to the custom of making new year’s resolutions. It was launched on 1 January, in online media, social media and outdoor advertising.

CityFit is the largest Polish chain of fitness clubs that are open 24h/7. The chain currently has 23 clubs in 15 Polish cities. It stands out from the competition not only because of around-the-clock access to high-quality equipment, but also by offering a rich selection of group classes and free training and diet plans.

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