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The CityFit fitness club chain launched its new website. The cutting-edge website combines the information and selling functions clearly and intuitively.

CityFit is the largest Polish chain of fitness clubs open 24 h/7. Membership sale and management (e.g. booking a place in fitness classes) are carried out online using the website.

The new website version stands not only for appealing and modern appearance, but also increased functionality and intuitiveness of looking for information. Particular attention was paid to the buying process which was shortened and simplified. Other new features include signing in via Facebook and Google which makes it even easier to open an account. The users are also able to get a free entrance ticket in their selected location.

Our goal was to create a website as friendly for the club member as possible. On the one hand, we focused on the needs of new users who will be able to find information on our benefits, proposal or club location quickly and easily, and then buy their membership. Simultaneously, we altered and improved the solutions available in the Customer Zone dedicated to active club members, said Małgorzata Roszak-Sygocka, CityFit Marketing Director.


In the new Customer Zone, club members can not only activate or freeze their membership, but also contract extra services (an introductory workout, starter pack or a charity donation) or book a place in group fitness classes. It contains also information on the history and status of the ordered services thanks to which a CityFit club member can monitor the needs of their users on an ongoing basis.

Each of 23 chain clubs has its own subpage where you can find e.g. its location and access map, photos and proposal description, team, personal coaches (with the ability to arrange a workout) or the fitness classes schedule.

The page contains also materials supporting the workout, e.g. a blog, podcasts, free workout plans or video tutorials. In the corporate section, you can find e.g. a Press Office and the Career tab created for anyone interested in working for CityFit.

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